Well insured against illness

Every student is required to take out adequate insurance cover. Please contact the health insurance provider in your home country about this well before the start of your academic studies. After arriving in Germany, please contact one of the public health insurance companies. Further information about the health insurance system in Germany is available here.

Important! To enrol at TH Rosenheim, you must provide proof of health insurance with an electronic report (M10)  by your health insurance company.

If you are insured by a private health insurance, or if you are covered by a health insurance policy in another country, you have go to a public German health insurance company and request a notice of exemption (in German: "Befreiungsbescheid"). This notice of exemption must be presented before enrollment at TH Rosenheim.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
EU citizens and citizens from countries within the European Economic Area (EEA) or from Switzerland can apply for a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card guarantees the provision of medical care in Germany. According to European law, the main residence of EU citizens remains their home country even if they are studying in another country. This means you can continue paying for your health insurance in your home country and be entitled to medical care in Germany with your EHIC card at the same time.

More information about EHIC
Information on treatment and costs for EHIC card holders in Germany

Health Insurance Providers

Health insurance portals

A consulting tool for quickly finding the appropriate insurance is provided online. International students get information about the suitable insurance plans, depending on their personal situation. For arrival and first few days or weeks in Germany up onto enrolment, an insurance certificate with the EDUCARE24 tariff will be provided. Membership for a public German health insurance like Techniker Krankenkasse can be requested online as well. All insurance certificates are provided online. Students get an insurance meeting all visa requirements of the immigration authorities.

Public health insurance in Germany

Students in Germany must be insured by a public health insurance company until the age of 30. In exceptional cases, they may also take out a private insurance cover. Most students prefer public health insurance anyway as it is cheaper. Furthermore, once you have left the public health insurance, it can be difficult to re-enter later on. Learn more about health insurance for students here.

Pricing is the same regardless of which German health insurance company you chose: all health insurance companies offer a student tariff, which is currently set at approx. € 110 a month. However, there are differences between the health services and treatments covered by each health insurance company. It is worth comparing the providers.

You need proof that you have health insurance cover for the purpose of enrolment at TH Rosenheim, and so it is best to register with a public health insurance company as soon as you arrive in Germany.

For students in Rosenheim

AOK Rosenheim

Luitpoldstraße 1, 83022 Rosenheim

BARMER Rosenheim

Münchener Str. 62, 83022 Rosenheim

Techniker Krankenkasse Rosenheim

Heilig-Geist-Straße 6, 83022 Rosenheim

DAK Rosenheim

Klepperstraße 11, 83026 Rosenheim


For students in Burghausen

AOK Burghausen Marktler Str. 2b, 84489 Burghausen
DAK Burgkirchen

Industriepark 1, 84508 Burgkirchen


For students in Mühldorf am Inn

BARMER Mühldorf Bahnhofplatz 11, 84453 Mühldorf


For students in Traunstein

BARMER Traunstein

Schaumburger Str. 17, 83278 Traunstein

AOK Traunstein Wasserburger Str. 2, 83278 Traunstein
DAK Traunstein

Maximilianstr. 26 - 28, 83278 Traunstein

Private health insurance in Germany

Students over 30

The student tariffs offered by public health insurance providers only apply up to the age of 30. Students who are older than 30 can take out voluntary insurance by a public health company. However, the costs are about two times higher than for students under 30. Private health insurance companies can be a good alternative in this case. The Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs) has negotiated special tariffs for students with private providers, included in a service package. Further information on health insurance with the Deutsches Studentenwerk (German National Association for Student Affairs) can be found here.

You already have a private health insurance

Sometimes private health insurance from other countries may also be recognised in Germany. You should clarify the exact details with your insurance. If your private health insurance is recognised then for the purpose of your enrolment at TH Rosenheim you will need confirmation that you are exempt from taking out public health insurance. But be aware that for the duration of your studies you cannot change to public health insurance!

Medical contacts

For general symptoms or referral to a specialist doctor, make an appointment with a general doctor first. In emergency cases, please call the emergency numbers.

First aid - an illustrated health dictionary: information for foreign students in Germany.

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