Diploma, bachelor’s and master’s thesis

Online registration

These web application forms are valid for all students, exept students of the study course "Building Physics" (GP-M):

The web forms get processed by the central document- and workflowmanagement system of the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Rosenheim.

After receiving the approval for submission of your thesis‘ topic, you can find all application forms of special purpose (filing extension, changing the topic, …) in your „student’s cockpit for thesis‘ application“.

The application for the approval of an external examiner (not yet a member of the Technical University of Applied Sciences of Rosenheim) can also be submitted via the portal.

Students of the master's program "Building Physics" (GP-M) please use the PDF / paper forms linked below.

Forms for registering your thesis

Attention: Due to the Corona crisis, the Technical University had to regulate the submission procedures for theses. Please note the linked urgent decision of the examination board (PDF file in German).

Please use both forms:

When submitting the thesis, the following forms must be completed and submitted:

Students who have not applied for their thesis via the document management system can request that the submission date be postponed due to the corona situation. Here is a sample (Word file in german language).

Important note:
With some browser/Acrobat installations PDF documents do not open fully in the browser. For this reason, please always download the form (right click -> save as...) and open it locally. You will then be able to fill in the form without any trouble. Afterwards, save the completed form, print it out, sign it and hand it in or forward it directly to the e-mail address stated on the form.

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