Student advice

Where can I find information?

You’ve had a look at the range of degree programmes at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences but you still have more questions? Why don’t you come to one of our events for prospective students?

If you still have general questions about studying at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, our Central Student Advisory Office can help and advise you.

If you have in-depth queries regarding a particular subject or course content, professors from each course are available to offer academic advice.

Student Administration can help you with any questions regarding applications, admission and registration.

Question portal for those interested in studying

Use our question portal and find the answers to degree programmes, admission requirements, applications, dual education, social and framework conditions, as well as events for prospective students, or address your questions directly to students at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences.

Virtual orientation to university studies for bachelor’s degree programmes

A degree - but which subject?
What is right for me?
What is studying in Rosenheim like?
What career prospects will I have?
The virtual orientation to university studies can help you with these and many other questions. The virtual orientation is a new tool - an online test for you to take yourself. Here, prospective students are invited to evaluate questions and statements about selected degree programmes. This enables you to reflect your expectations and perceptions in reality with a direct comparison to the experiences from students and lecturers.

Virtual orientation to university studies

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