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Common objective, individual path, comprehensive techniques

Physiotherapists are experts in movement. Thanks to their advanced theoretical knowledge of the human body, they are able to recognise and analyse malfunctions and to develop and apply interventions that are individually adapted to their patients. Consultation is highly valued in treatment. Physiotherapeutic interventions range from prevention and health promotion via treatment of acute and chronic illnesses through to support for people with disabilities and incurable diseases.

The structural changes in the healthcare system increase demands on practising physiotherapists. Scientifically sound, interdisciplinary working methods as well as a fundamental knowledge of management become increasingly important. The model degree programme picks up on this need and replaces the vocational training offered to date with academic training.

•    Qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
•    Duration: 7 semesters

Course content & structure

Practical and theoretical content is closely interlinked in the degree programme. Exercises, patient demonstrations and work experience in clinics, treatment centres, rehabilitation and other external facilities offer students intensive preparation for their future employment. Some of the lectures are held at the Wasserburg site:

•    Physiotherapeutic fields of work such as diagnostics, prevention and rehabilitation
•    Basics of natural sciences
•    Knowledge of methodology (scientific work / research methods)
•    Social sciences (psychology, education, communication)
•    Healthcare system / legal basics
•    Management

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    Application and admission

    •    Course starts: each winter semester
    •    Application period and application form

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    For the purpose of course orientation, important documents such as study and examination regulations, the Module Handbook detailing all the available subjects, and formalities relating to the Bachelor’s thesis are available to download.

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    The degree programme is accredited by AHPGS

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