Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing

Academic training in professional care for those in need of nursing

Due to the changing care needs of our society, a scandalous shortfall in specialist staff will emerge by 2030. The tasks involved in caring for people of all age groups are becoming ever more demanding as a result of highly complex care needs, new diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation strategies. Professional experts providing direct care are required to tackle the particular care situation of patients and their relatives and introduce suitable science-based strategies to promote quality of life.

With its integrated training, the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Nursing at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences gives students the opportunity to combine intensive practical training in interacting with patients with theoretically sound scientific learning. Dual students receive regular wages for training during the first six semesters, in which training and studies run in parallel. Professional nursing staff can study alongside dual students in parallel to their employment.

  • Qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Duration: 8 semesters of full-time study, 9 semesters of part-time study
  • Dual study model
  • Lectures are mainly held at the Campus Mühldorf a. Inn.

    Course content & structure

    The scheduling and content of training and studies are closely interlinked in the dual study module. After three years, students graduate as state registered nurses for the sick, elderly and children, and after four and a half years, they obtain the title of Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

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    Application and admission

    • Course starts: each winter semester
    • Applications to vocational schools (Berufsfachschulen) at various times, a training contract must be submitted to the university with the application
    • Individuals who have completed nursing training and have a university entrance qualification can apply directly to the university
    • Application period and application form

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    Career prospects

    Dual study in nursing – become a pioneer in nursing

    Students obtain advanced skills through dual study in nursing. The objective is for graduates to apply science-based knowledge to individual patients in accordance with the particular situation and context and by doing so, help to further enhance the quality of nursing. In order to have access this knowledge and develop skills in scientifically sound nursing practice, a certain proportion of all care professionals requires a Bachelor's degree. Advanced communication skills can also be gained through studies, enabling graduates to provide professional advice on care-related issues to patients and their relatives.

    The German Council of Science and Humanities recommends that up to 20% of practising nurses should be university trained. Although more than 50 dual nursing degree programmes are offered throughout Germany, it will still be many years until the desired quota of graduate nurses is achieved. At the moment, university trained care practitioners make up just 1% of the total.

    Become part of this qualification movement and join the world of professional care as a university trained expert!

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    The degree programme is accredited by ACQUIN

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