Knowledge transfer, networking and career coaching

All the modules of the MBA course attach special importance to the participants’ ability to transfer the knowledge acquired into work-based practice.
For the purpose of reinforcing the transfer of knowledge and establishing networks, the course also includes exclusive social evenings at which current management and leadership topics are discussed with important personalities from industry and society.

In addition, the Rosenheim MBA degree programme offers individual career coaching: each student is appointed a personal professional coach with whom he/she can continuously monitor links between the course content and his/her own profession, discuss topical questions about everyday work life, and achieve academic success throughout the course.

The Rosenheim concept of the MBA

The Rosenheim MBA course focuses on the study of business administration and leadership. Through a series of business administration modules you learn how to lead a company in a target-oriented manner. In the field of leadership, the emphasis is on key skills for your personal success as a manager. You are given the opportunity to perfect your international management skills during a two week study trip (International Business Studies).

Based on your personal interests you select the subjects for your independent studies as well as your master’s thesis. In this way you decide the specific areas in which to further develop your skills.

Why are key skills so important for a manager?

Key skills are all those skills which, in addition to pure specialist skills, determine an individual’s success in his/her professional and private life. They include social, communicational, methodical, intercultural, emotional and personal skills. Above all, key skills relate to aptitudes and abilities in the field of communication, self-projection and work techniques.

The increasing internationalisation of the markets poses new challenges for the training and professionalism of management personnel – especially for small and medium-sized companies. There is also greater demand for intercultural skills and the need to think in terms of bigger frameworks and systems.

Why do an MBA course?

Specialist skills alone are no longer enough. If you cannot present your ideas convincingly you will not be able to sell them to others. If you cannot work together with others you will hardly be able to complete larger tasks and projects successfully. With greater demands being put on top management personnel, key skills and also sound knowledge of business administration are crucial to strategic success. It is precisely in this regard that additional qualification within the framework of an MBA degree programme becomes the key to producing skilled internationally focused managers who think and act as entrepreneurs.

Take advantage of the Executive Education programmes at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences for your personal further development.

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