Interior Architecture in Rosenheim

Interior architecture generates spaces and associated objects that are to be experienced. Against the backdrop of the multi-layered requirements of design, perception and function of our constructed living spaces, interior architecture is presented as a wide-ranging field of work made up of various draft and design disciplines. We perceive spaces and objects through sight, sound, taste and smell, we experience the atmosphere, which can be shaped deliberately and used purposefully by interior architecture.

The potential of interior architecture lies in the way it combines creativity with awareness of materials, construction, calculation and sensitivity for the needs and requirements of our heterogeneous society. Interior architecture forms the meeting point between various disciplines and, precisely because of its interfaces with these disciplines, has developed an interdisciplinary profile offering many diverse career paths and opportunities for expression.

Through its projects, the practical degree programme is geared towards the requirements of social and technological developments and at the same time offers adequate scope for experimental study and research. Courses from the two main subject areas of Space and Object/Design can be combined with advanced subjects chosen by the students themselves, lending their studies an individual focus based on personal interests as early as at BA level.

The Faculty’s wood, metal and modelling workshops provide the foundations for successful project work and are a core component of the interior architecture course in Rosenheim. This is where theory meets practice, where students are given the opportunity to experience various materials, machines and production processes for themselves.

In addition, the Faculty’s laboratories offer individual advanced training in relevant practical and theoretical subjects like lighting, furniture, materials, building construction, rapid prototyping, CAD, DTP, theory, service learning and sound.

Our graduates work as internationally sought-after members of office staff in the creative industry as, with their solid grounding in technical construction and aesthetic design, they are able to visualise and translate their designs into real models and prototypes.

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