Data protection

Data protection declaration

We would like to inform you of the procedures at Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences with regard to data protection, which are associated with the provision and use of the information we provide on the Internet so that there is as much transparency and security as possible.


All the photos and illustrations on this homepage are subject to copyright. They cannot be re-used without approval. This also applies expressly to electronic re-use, even in an amended form.


1. Warranty

We make every effort to publish accurate and reliable information on our web pages. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of all the information published and the accuracy of its representation.

2. Transmission to a third party (external links)

  • Highlighting
    The information provided by Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences contains hyperlinks to other websites that are highlighted in colour and open the linked page in a new window.
  • Responsibility 
    Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences provides access through the hyperlinks to the use of this external content (§ 9 German Teleservices Act). However, the University is not responsible for this external content as it does not arrange the transmission of the information, does not select the recipient of the information transmitted and has also not selected or amended the transmitted information. This "external information" is not stored automatically in the short term owing to the selected call-up and linking method used by Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences, so that no responsibility of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences arises for this external content. When a link is activated to this web content for the first time, the relevant editors of the individual pages have however checked the external content to ensure that it does not trigger any responsibility under civil or criminal law.
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