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English Tests for students going abroad

The Language Centre holds individual tests for students who wish to spend a semester abroad studying or doing a practical and who need their knowledge of English certified for this.

The test can include conversation, reading comprehension and tests of vocabulary and grammar. It can last up to 45 minutes.

Students of all faculties should contact the lecturer from the following list whose course they have attended:

Sarah Cavill, Micheál Ó Dúill, Megan Pötzinger und Anita Vrzina.

These tests are not held by freelancers.

If you are a student from a faculty which has no compulsory English classes then you can choose any of the lecturers from the above list.

If you attended a course held by one of our freelance lecturers then you should choose an examiner from the list below, based on which degree course you study:

Business Studies (“BW”):                                    Megan Pötzinger

Informatics/Business Informatics (“INF/WIF”):     Anita Vrzina

Industrial Engineering (“WI-B“):                          Sarah Cavill

Health Care Management (“MGW”):                   Micheál Ó Dúill.

To ensure that all necessary deadlines can be observed, test appointments should be made at least two weeks in advance.

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